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Map with Wi-Fi hotspots around the world! Passwords are added by users.


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May 4, 2019
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► Installing Wi-Fi Space on your Android phone or tablet you will get a current map and select a suitable wifi hotspot for Android. The principle is very easy: you see the closest access points and may use any root to be connected. You will see your current location on a map and an image of wifi hotspots around you.

► Pay attention to a color of these hotspot icons. Thus, a green light means that you can connect without any password. Free wifi passwords are shared by other users in places marked with yellow icons on the map. And do not forget to join our community being a user of our app. Pay your attention to the fact that Wi-Fi Space does not give you an opportunity or way how to get a wifi password, if you are currently in a place with a red wi-fi icon and a locker on it that are noted on the map.

► With this app you will surely get a quick and seamless access even being offline. The virtual map includes such popular venues and places of interests as hotels, cafés, restaurants, music halls and libraries – any place that may have a free wifi access point. Our wifi passwords app is like an assistance and way of information sharing with other Android users. And do not forget to share your feedback with developers. Our mutual efforts will make Wi-Fi Space a perfect mobile app for those who are always on foot.

★ Perfect App for Travelers and Students
➨ We have developed our mobile app with a free wi-fi map for people who care about their budget. And students, tourists, commuters and urban residents are among this category. You can say that “my cell phone is a whole world for me,” and we know – many people are eager to take their phones almost anywhere.

➨ If you are visiting a foreign country, it is another way to be on a budget and try to minimize your phone and connection costs. A perfect way out in this situation is to connect through a wi-fi hotspot. And Wi-Fi Space gives you this opportunity.

★ Unique Map of WiFi Hotspots
➨ Whether you have already had a similar product installed on your HTC, Samsung or another Android phone or are just looking for a handy and seamless app with a map of free wifi, pay your attention to this important information. We are not trying to beat our competitors, but we will give you a number of facts showing that apps for wifi passwords are not the same.

➨ This startup has been launched not so long ago and is still updating, considering your feedback and useful ideas. However, the app’s team of developers managed to understand a whole number of drawbacks that had earlier products with wifi maps.

➨ Wi-Fi Space was developed keeping this information in mind and luckily lacks bugs and weaknesses of its predecessors. All existing free wi-fi maps and mobile apps had been carefully examined and analyzed by our experts, before we came up with our own product. Your feedback is also welcomed.

★ Free Yourself with Wi-Fi Space
➨ Of course, you won’t be surprised finding out another free Wi-Fi app in the Internet. This platform is probably the most versatile and popular in the world, and your thoughts may be like: “I am ready to use my mobile phone anywhere I go”. Being an active Internet and mobile user you surely know that quick Internet access and unlimited data can charge you a lot.

➨ For this reason you need to get you a free app of wifi hotspot locations. Having such an app installed on your Android touchscreen, portable computer or tablet you will have a chance to use free wifi anywhere and anytime. Wi-Fi Space is one of those apps having a wi-fi map as one of its essential features. But a map principle here is quite different. To connect with free wi-fi hotspots you should know some details about this app.
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