LogoLicious;以最簡單的方法,將您的商標和浮水印添加到您的照片上。The easiest way to add your logo to photos



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添加您的徽標應用 add logo + watermark APP

對於創業者,設計師,攝影師和媒體專業人士,這個程式係必須的:於網上分享前, 把商標加於圖像上。

簡單程序:LogoLicious 助您成為創業家。
LogoLicious是首個以製作品牌和浮水印的應用程序, 特別設計於“立即張貼'的情況下, 簡單隨意添加自己的商標(png / gif / jpg), #主題標籤或控制碼的圖像。
一個方便用户,快捷,簡單的程式; 當您的商標一旦上載,您可以任何時候進行修改。您亦可以鍵入網址於控制欄處再保存範本,以加快下一次你的製作過程。

LogoLicious, Add Your Logo App
A must have app for small business owners, designers, photographers, startups, entrepreneurs, artists, social media guru's and marketing strategists:
Credit where credit is due! Get recognized: Brand your images before sharing them online! Promote, protect and personalize your images by adding your own logo, watermark, or text to your photos.

LogoLicious is the easiest and quickest way to add your own logo and/or watermark to your images. Simply load it, drag it, and drop it on top: is made by creatives, for creatives.

Especially designed for the 'quick let me post this' situations, LogoLicious is the #1 go-to branding and watermark app if you want to add your own logo (png/gif/jpg), hashtag or handle to images on the go.
It's user-friendly, fast and simple; Once you've loaded your logo it's just a matter of drag & drop wherever you want. You can add your name, handle, or url, rotate items and change transparency. We also build in a template function so you can save your previous setup as a template to speed up your process the next time!

Primary features
• Upload your own logo to the app (no size restrictions)
• Supports .png .gif and .jpg (logo)files
Create templates! Save your previous setup (logo + text) as template for future images
• EXIF data embedded!
• Take pictures with camera
• Add a protective snap-on X-grid on top of any image with just 1 click
• Change the transparency of your logo, to create watermarks
• HR - No resolution downgrade! LogoLicious matches your logo to the resolution of your photo
• LR - Save space and opt to save your image in low resolution
• Add your own text + change color
• Choose from a variety of fonts or add your own font (.ttf)
Rename your image
• Add multiple logos
• Easy access to your auto-saved logos
• Crop your images
• Quick sharing via social channels
• Perfect Alignment > Level your logo or text to horizon (+0º )

Useful tips:
• Before you start, make sure your logo is available on your device.
TIP: email it to yourself and save to your device or download it from a cloud service
• Placing your logo: Simply drag it wherever, scale it up or down with a 2 finger pinch/zoom motion
• Hit the 'Save current as template' button > Next time you use the LogoLicious app, no need to add your logo first, just load your previous template with one click!
• To rotate your logo use fingers or hit the rotate button. (To undo rotation and align: hit the +0º button)
• Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to change the opacity (transparency) of your photo watermark, logo or text.

Purely a logo and watermark focussed app (no distractions or hidden costs) and especially made for fast-paced needs of small businesses, photographers, artists and influencers
Credit where credit is due: Add text and photo watermarks to overlay images and protect your copyright by adding your own logo to your photos.
Get recognized!

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