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NameZombie Hive APK
Version3.2.7 (45)
UpdatedAug 09, 2021
CategoryGames, Simulation

Zombie Hive Game

Destroy zombies and rescue survivors from infected underground towers!

Destroy the zombies and rescue the survivors at the underground secret weapons laboratory infected with the virus. The ultimate goal is to go down to the 1000th floor and destroy the main core that is causing the infection.

- Auto-combat and auto-rooting
- Replenishment of combat personnel and fire power upgrade
- Upgrade Drill Robots by parts
- Battle with Super Zombie
- Story missions and rewards
- Rescue survivors
- Using state-of-the-art Booster gears
- Super DNA acquisition through zombie research
- Acquisition of items through Area scouting
- Hire a Specialist to break the ability limit
- Auto scrolling camera

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