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Nov 16, 2023

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怪物彈珠 GAME

There are 4 things to play! You can play standing, sitting, or lying down!
No matter when and where, just slide with one finger,
A super simple popular Japanese mobile game that can defeat enemies!
What is the charm of a popular Japanese mobile game played by more than 50 million people worldwide?
Face-to-face, SNS connection multiplayer play sparks more sparks!
Friends have already entered the pit! What are you waiting for?

▼The gameplay is simple
Pull and shoot your monster balls to attack enemies!
If it hits our monster, it will launch a friendship skill!
Even monsters that seem to have weak attack power can exert great power once the friendship skill is triggered!

▼Use Strike Shot to decide the victory with one strike!
As the battle rounds pass, you can use the special move "Strike Shot"!
Each monster has a different nirvana, will you use it right away? Or wait until the BOSS battle to use it?
Timing is the difference between life and death!

▼Collect! Cultivate! strengthen!
The monsters obtained through battles and Gacha can be synthesized to upgrade the level!
Evolutionary synthesis, deified fusion, beast deified and other multiple enhancements, with countless changes!
Cultivate powerful monsters to form your exclusive strongest team!

▼An alien monster that fell from the sky!
The boss will not only stay in the last level obediently! ?
Always face the challenge in full swing!

▼Cooperate with friends to defeat powerful enemies!
Team up with friends around you, up to 4 people can play together!
The advantage of forming a team is that only one person's physical strength can be consumed, and four people can take risks together!
If you encounter a strong enemy that you can't defeat, quickly recruit friends, and you may be able to pass the level easily by forming a team together! ?
Come and join forces with your friends to defeat rare monsters and get limited rewards!

App: Free
※Some props in the game need to be purchased for a fee.

【Recommended equipment】
Android5.0 or above (some models are not applicable)
※If you use a mobile device other than the recommended device, if there is a problem with the use of the App, the operation center and customer service center may not be able to provide support and compensation, please forgive me.
※Please read and agree to the provisions listed in the terms of use in the "App License Agreement" before using.

【About this game】
According to the game software classification management method, this game is protected.
The content of this game involves violent plots (cute characters fighting).
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid addiction.
Part of the content of this game requires additional payment.
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