The Jingle Cute Nyanko Corps dreams of conquering the world!!!


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Oct 30, 2023
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냥코 대전쟁 GAME

It's Nyanko's 9th birthday Nyan!
Great release of canned food in Nyanko Great War!

★The Jingle Cute Nyanko Corps dreams of conquering the world!!★
Anyone can easily play! Nyanko training & strategy game!!
*Basically free to play, but includes some paid content.

★☆Super simple battle system★☆
Click the Nyanko you like!!
A powerful shot! Fire the Nyanko Cannon!!
Let's capture the enemy's castle!!

★☆Super simple training system★☆
Earn XP by clearing the stage!!
Choose your favorite Nyanko!!
Class change by reaching level 10!!

★☆Super simple Nyanko Great War★☆
Collecting treasures from all over the world is also a lot of fun!!
Cute and cute enemy characters!!
EX characters are even weirder!!

A game that you can enjoy even if you don't like games!
A game I would recommend to anyone of any age! Nyanko Great War!!!
What kind of Nyanko do you want to raise?
Right now, I'm off to make my own Nyanko Corps, which is sick & fun!!

※When downloading or updating the game, a pop-up window saying 'Download large application' is displayed. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, be sure to set 'Download only when connected to Wi-Fi' to OFF before proceeding.

If it is ON, download and update do not proceed normally.

****Access Permissions****
When using the app, we request access for the following purposes.
[Required access items]
Item Description
In-app Purchases For users to make in-game billing through Google Play
view Wi-Fi connections to download game data
full network access to download game data
control vibration To accompany vibration during push notification
prevent phone from sleep To prevent the screen from turning OFF during game play
View network connection To download game data

[Random Access Item]
doesn't exist

※You cannot play the game if you reject the required access items.
Also, if you deny the request for random access items, you can play, but some functions will be limited.

You can reset or revoke your consent to discretionary access items in the following ways:
[After Android ver.6.0]
Settings>App Management>Select App>Access Permissions>Reset
[Under Android ver.6.0]
You can deny access by deleting the app.

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