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Nov 28, 2023
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▶ OASIS 3: NEXT WAVE Update ◀

The power of void that neutralizes everything ‘Dark Knight Reboot’
‘Temple of the Void’, a global master dungeon that will connect Korea and Taiwan
‘TJ Coupon’, a feast of blessings pouring in
‘Oasis Coupon’, a special benefit exclusive to the Oasis update
Various convenience improvements that reflect the wishes of the warriors!
A new wave heading global
Meet the Oasis update now!

▶ Game introduction

■ The beginning and end of MMORPG, Lineage M
With PC nostalgia and further innovation,
Become the protagonist of a great narrative anytime, anywhere.

■ Unchanging value
A class that will provide a variety of fun
Encounters with enemies in the open field
Fierce battles on large-scale battlefields
Even a blood oath to share all these memories.
Experience value that does not change over time.

■ The fun of more powerful large-scale battles
Everywhere in the vast field is a point of battle
From Teveras to Escaros, a world dungeon unfolds non-stop every day of the week.
Master Dungeon to prove the strength of the world's top alliances, including the Tower of Domination
Global Master Dungeon, a new battlefield connecting Korea and Taiwan

■ operation
From free and easy arc selector to non-connection play, continuous technological innovation

■ Mobile UI
Mobile combat UI that delivers maximum effect with minimum manipulation

■ class
Beyond the original class, the emergence of Lineage M’s signature class.

■ field
The open field became more expansive with the advent of Elmore Estate.

■ Siege
The most intense battle in history for the throne of Aden, ‘Siege of Aden’

■ World/Master Dungeon
From world to master, endless battles and cooperative arenas

■ Trial Dungeon
Single/competitive dungeons with new challenges every day.

■ World Boss
A variety of world boss raids that many people can enjoy together

New PVP system introduced on mobile – PVP book, provocation, revenge, ranking system

■ Exchange
Open world exchange without server restrictions

■ Transformation/Magic Doll
A transformation/magic doll that inherited the Lineage identity and evolved for mobile use.

■ Enchant
The warrior’s journey ‘shines blue’, the unchanging value of +1

▶Lineage M Official Community◀
1. Lineage M Community, the fastest way to access Lineage M’s latest information and event news
2. Lineage M Facebook, where you can communicate with the operator in real time and see various videos
3. PURPLE allows you to communicate in real time with clan members anytime, anywhere

※ If you are curious about more news, check the homepage!
※ Website: https://lineagem.plaync.com/

▣ Lineage M requires the following permissions for smooth game play. ▣

You can use the game even if you do not agree to optional permissions, and you can reset or revoke access permissions after agreeing to them.

[Optional] Storage space (photo/media/file): Bulletin board, permission to register/change/save profile photo, and save video recording
[Optional] Microphone: Permission to use voice chat and use voice recording when recording screen
[Optional] Notification: Permission to receive informational notifications and advertising push notifications sent from the game app
[Optional] Nearby device: Permission to connect a Bluetooth device during voice chat

[How to set access permissions]
1. Android 6.0 or higher version
- How to withdraw by access permission: Terminal settings > Select personal information > Select permission manager > Select the relevant access permission > Select the app > Select agree or withdraw access permission
- How to withdraw by app: Terminal Settings > Apps > Select the app > Select permissions > Select to agree or withdraw access permissions

* Minimum specifications: RAM 4GB

Game classification number: CC-OM-170705-002

Lineage M customer service: 1566-7004
Lineage M Fax: 02-2186-3499
Email: MobileCS@ncsoft.com
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