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Nov 9, 2022

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블레스 이터널 GAME

Bless Eternal CHAPTER 7
▣ New growth content 'Blood Veins System' updated!

▣ Original Bless's Next Chapter!
More beautifully implemented medieval buildings and field maps!
Bless world in mobile more elaborately implemented!
Endless exploration in a vast open world!

▣ Next Chapter of the obvious raid!
Tanker, dealer, and healer! No one can be left out!
A true raid where all classes work together to attack!
A unique attack method that exists for each raid!
Implementation of more thrilling raid content!

▣ The Next Chapter of the fighting style!
Various combat methods using non-targeting skills and moving shots!
Complete your own skill style with strategic skill & rune setting!
Fierce battle to win with physical and strategy!

▣ Next Chapter in the content area!
Massive RvR, Battle Royale, Class Arena
World Boss, Raid Boss, Guild Boss
Unlimited fun, such as pet and vehicle taming system!

◈ Bless Official Channel ◈
* Official Community:
* Official Facebook:
* Kakao Talk Channel:

◈ Customer Center ◈
- Customer Center: 1544-0711 (Weekdays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
- Terms of Use:
- Privacy Policy:

◈ Authorization Information ◈
[Required Permissions]
1. Allow access to device photos, media and files
- This permission is required to save the files necessary to run the game on the terminal.
- Request permission to write/read SD card to download resources.
- Device photo, media, and file access rights include the right to use the storage, and when you don't have that right, you can't read/write the information needed to use the game, so you need permission.

[Optional permission]
1. Camera
- It is used to send the contents taken by the device to the customer center or Naver Lounge.
- You can use the game normally even if you do not have the permission.

[How to revoke access rights]
Android 6.0 or higher
Settings > Apps > Select permission item > Permission list > Select consent or withdrawal of access permission

Below Android 6.0
Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app

※ The app may not provide an individual consent function, and access rights can be revoked by the above method.
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