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Sep 20, 2023

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프렌즈팝 GAME

Friends of Kakao Friends with friends pop~!!
Have fun pop! Exciting Pop! Friends Pop!
Enjoy various events that guarantee honey jam!!!

Friends Pop Features

[3 match puzzles in 6 directions popping out!]
Friends Blocks that move in 6 directions!
When three or more friends blocks meet, the charm is awesome! Is bursting.
Create a special block to burst the rainbow charm.

[Two worlds]
Real World to be curious about your next destination in advance! One mission in Real World!
When real world travel gets boring, take a time trip with time world~
Time World has 2 missions! When you clear it, the thrill is twice!

[Champion Mode]
The puzzle game you played alone, now with 1:1 friends!
Ranking match against the best puzzle mastery and friendly match against KakaoTalk friends!
Choose the mode you want and play according to your taste~

[Challenge over 450 friends collection!]
More than 450 cute friends!
From 1 to 5 stars and limited, special and rare friends!
Collect all of your friends with special abilities and complete the collection!

[Synthesis system]
Find hidden friends synthetically!

[Talent badge]
Clear'Crown Level', which is only in Time World, and acquire a Talent Badge at Crown Shop!
When equipped with a talent badge, you can experience the special abilities of friends and another charm~

Then now! Shall we go on a trip with attractive friends?

※ We will guide you about the access rights used in the app as follows.
[Essential Access Rights]
-Storage: Game installation and update file storage, game data storage/reading,
Customer inquiry file attachment
-Phone (call): Check the device status

This service is developed for Android 6.0 and lower versions, and
You cannot individually choose to agree.

If the Android version is 8.0 or higher, please set as below in the phone settings.
* Apps (Applications)> Friends Pop> Permissions> Set Storage, Phone ON

Friends Pop Official Cafe http://cafe.naver.com/pixelcube
Friends Pop Facebook Official Community: https://www.facebook.com/FriendsPopKakao
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