Specifically for Samsung Internet: block annoying ads, browse faster, save data.


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Dec 7, 2023

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ABP for Samsung Internet APP

AdblockPlus (ABP) is the perfect companion app for tech savvy users wanting to stop seeing annoying ads while browsing the internet. This application works with the Samsung Internet Browser. It is completely free and will not compromise your data.

What are the advantages of using ABP for Samsung Internet?
• Save reading space by blocking annoying ads
• Save money on monthly data usage
• Enjoy faster web page performance
• Get built-in privacy protection with anti-tracking
• Use custom language settings to block region-specific ads
• Upload custom filter lists
• Benefit from free, responsive and advanced support

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Does ABP block all ads in all my apps?
ABP only blocks ads on websites you visit in the Samsung Internet browser.

You can choose to support content creators to publish content for free by allowing nonintrusive ads compliant with Acceptable Ads.

*What is Acceptable Ads ?
It is a standard for nonintrusive, light ads that do not interfere with your browsing experience. The standard only displays formats that adhere to carefully researched criteria about size,location and labeling.

* Is ABP compatible with any other Android browsers?
Not yet! But you can get ABP for Chrome, Safari, or Opera on your desktop. Visit https://adblockplus.org/ !
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