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AirConsole - TV Gaming Console


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Latest Version

NameAirConsole APK
Version1.7.7 (45)
UpdatedJun 11, 2021
CategoryGames, Casual

AirConsole - TV Gaming Console Game

AirConsole is your Gaming Console for TV. Your phones are the gamepads

Play multiplayer games together! AirConsole is a video game system for your Android TV.
You can download it for free and get access to many games, like racing games, trivia, community games and many more.
We have a selection of more than 60 games.
Some of them are for single players and others for multiplayer games.
This is a full console experience without the need to buy additional hardware. AirConsole is fun and fast to get started :
-Play with friends and family anywhere, right now!
-Transform your AndroidTV into a video game console
-Your smartphones are the gamepads
-Play single-player and local-multiplayer games

*Get access to all games and benefits with the AirConsole Hero subscription. AirConsole Hero: AirConsole Hero is the best way to enjoy the AirConsole universe. Our monthly and yearly subscription gets you and everyone playing with you the following features:
-Full AirConsole experience without advertisement breaks
-One-for-all: Only one AirConsole Hero player needed per session to unlock perks for everyone
-All games unlocked on AirConsole
-Cancel any time Help and support:
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