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الاسمViHealth APK
الإصدار2.74.1 (155)
تم التحديث02 ديسمبر 2021
مطوّر البرامجViatom
عمليات التثبيت١٠٠٬٠٠٠+
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تطبيق ViHealth

يعمل تطبيق ViHealth مع أجهزة Viatom الخاصة بك.

This APP is not available in Europe area.

This ViHealth APP works with your Viatom devices. It enables you to view history data in devices:
-Connect the device via Bluetooth;
-Get data from device;
-Show and store the history data.

Note:The data provided by this App is not intended for medical purpose, always consult your doctor for any health condition.
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