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Grow a tree in the palm of your hand!

Version0.5.96025 (596025)
UpdatedSep 04, 2020 (5 months ago)
Developerit Matters Games
CategoryGames, Simulation

Great things have humble beginnings –
Arbo is an idle game where you can grow a tree from tiny seed to mighty oak.
Enjoy relaxing moments filled with life and steady progress when playing Arbo. This is your green oasis in your busy daily routine.

Keep your little sapling saturated by tapping its base for a rain shower.
Create a busy biosphere by harvesting ‘Eco Points’ and invest in upgrades for the tree, its surrounding habitats, and visiting animals.

There is always something to do in the world of ‘Arbo’.
Discover fireflies and a keep an eye out for the curious mole, they offer helpful rewards.

Decide which habitat to place around your tree and observe what animal it will attract.
Take a picture of the cute visitors to unlock their portrait in the gallery and learn a fun fact. Collect all animals to complete the galleries!

How to play:

• Orbit the camera view by swiping horizontally
• Water the tree by tapping on the ground
• Fill up the water meter and earn Eco-Points
• Spend Eco Points on upgrading the tree
• Unlock additional slots for habitats
• Attract animals and harvest their eco yield
• Take a picture of the visitors for your gallery


• Keep an eye on the animals’ ‘Visit Points’ and the ‘Capacity’ of habitats
• Invest in boosters and upgrades for animals and habitats
• Collect five fireflies for a quick eco-boost
• Meet the mole and get a reward
• Solve missions and tasks for ‘Golden Acorns’
• Do not miss your daily reward!
• Learn fun facts in your gallery


1.) Easy to play – simple controls, clean UI, and self-explanatory navigation.
2.) A unique sense of progression and accomplishment – Grow a tree in your hand!
3.) Cute universally appealing visuals with vividly animated animals and plants
4.) Relaxed and soothing gameplay – Your moment of Zen!
5.) Carefully researched fun facts – impress your friends with surprising pearls of wisdom

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If you have any suggestions or want to report a bug, please contact us:

• Email: arbo@itmattersgames.com
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArboIMG/
• Discord: https://discord.gg/72PRs6D

We value the opinions of our users and will do our best to respond to you.


What's New

New Features:
-Mythical Animals
On the 7th day a fabled creature will visit your tree and provide an epic boost.

-Tutorial Messages
The ‘Helpful Butterfly’ guides new players through the game.

-Tree Progression Timer:
Each level up will now take some time to grow, the timer can be skipped if you want to.

-Overhaul of the balancing.
The pacing of costs and rewards has been tweaked to provide a better experience.

-Performance Improvements

Email: arbo@itmattersgames.com

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