Be creative and get rich colors by means of color mixing!


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Oct 11, 2022

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Baby Panda's Color Mixing GAME

This is an interesting and creative APP. It guides the kids to mix different colors through a vivid storyline, thus helping kids get to know colors, learn color mixing, and enjoy the fun of artistic creation.

The greedy little mouse wants to snatch Little Panda Miumiu's lollipop. Miumiu escapes to the magic color mixing room. But how can she get away from the little mouse? There is a way! Kids can get magic colors through color mixing and help Miumiu hide!

In “Color mixing room No. 1”, kids should mix magic paints to get the same green color as the walls. Which paints can be mixed into green paint? Mix yellow paint with blue paint? Bingo! You are right! Finally, brush Miumiu with the green paint and she is invisible!

In “Color mixing room No. 2”, Miumiu will get magic potions of various colors. Kids can mix magic potions of various colors, so as to make special potions in the color of green, orange and purple. Once Miumiu drinks the special potions, she can get smaller, invisible or fly to get away from the little mouse!

The rich content of color mixing will develop kids' creativity and learning ability. Parents can bring your kids here for the fun of color mixing!

- Get to know all kinds of colors including color red, yellow, blue, green, black, white and orange.
- Mix and create beautiful colors. Make the most of your creativity.
- Kids' imagination can be enriched through magic paints and magic potions.

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