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Nov 28, 2023
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The Basic-Fit App is there to complete your personal fitness journey (and it is free for all members)! Find everything you need in one app; explore personalized workouts and inspiration, while accessing guidance and support. Easily build your own fitness habits and reach your goals by keeping track of your progress, getting health and nutrition tips, doing audio-guided workouts, and so much more! Making fitness your basic is not a journey you have to do alone. Let’s make fitness a basic together: anywhere, anytime, and Go For It!

• QR code entry pass
• Club & Home workouts
• Training plans
• Mind & Recovery
• Audio coach workouts
• Workout builder
• Equipment tutorials
• Workout reminder
• Nutrition & Lifestyle
• Personal profile page
• Achievements (badges & streaks)
• Progress page
• Tips and tricks from the coach
• Club finder
• Club Popular Times
• Overview of live classes

GET STARTED: Choose between various fitness goals to access a complete fitness experience with content tailored to your needs and level:
• Weight loss
• Muscle building
• Get fit
• Shape & Tone
• Improve performance

WORKOUTS: Whether you are a beginner or professional athlete, the app offers a variety of club & home workouts, anywhere, anytime. Find the perfect workout that matches your needs, based on your own level, fitness goals, and preferences.

TRAINING PLANS: Fitness plans for different fitness goals and with different duration. Train outdoor, at home only or combine home training & in-club training. Workout anywhere anytime to reach your goals and test your limits.

AUDIO COACH: Put your headphones on and Go For It! With the Audio Coach you are always motivated when you do your workout. Have fun and stay motivated with a wide range of workouts with or without equipment and club machines.

NUTRITION BLOGS & RECIPES: A healthy lifestyle is not all about working out, but also maintaining healthy nutrition habits. Take a look at our healthy and tasty recipes. Need a boost before or after your workout? Together with NXT Level, Basic-Fit provides you with several sports nutrition options to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

PERSONAL TRAINERS: Find your personal trainer and book a session to get professional guidance! That way you can broaden your training knowledge and bring your fitness journey to the next level. Check out the articles written by our coaches in the tips & tricks category.

PROGRESS: Track your progress such as the number of calories burned and your number of club visits. Keep an eye on your progress by connecting your devices and completing workouts or programs in the app. Check the overview of your daily progress and your latest achievements.

CLUB POPULAR TIMES: gives you a prediction of the crowdedness of your home club, as well as all your favorites clubs.
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