Play Bingo (US) and Tambola (UK/Indian Bingo) room LIVE with REAL players online


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May 29, 2022

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Bingo - Tambola | Twin Games GAME

Play Bingo (US Bingo) and Tambola (Indian Bingo) (also called Super Housie) party like never before in a true LIVE multi-player game and Experience Las Vegas Casino.

There is NO NEED to buy any coins, with eternal FREE flow of coins whenever you lose it all. This is a simulation and NOT a real money paying game.

Spoiler: Easily claim lots of BINGO and FULL HOUSE in this game.

I. How to play?

• Select a room ( small to big ) with choice of ticket prices.

• Bingo rooms have 13 winning patterns.

• Tambola ( Bingo 90 / UK Bingo) rooms winning patterns -
 • Top Line
 • Middle Line
 • Bottom Line
 • Four Corners
 • Early Five
 • Full House

• The caller calls a random number/cue one at a time. Players mark called numbers on their tickets. One who has tickets marked in set patterns is the winner. Bingo Tickets have 5 rows and 5 columns filled with 24 numbers from first 75. Tambola tickets have 3 rows and 9 columns filled with 15 numbers from first 90.

II. Fun Features

• Power ups enhance the game play in both Bingo & Indian Tombola. Available powerups -

 •  Coin Square - Gives you more coins
 •  Gift Square - Gives a gift from the shop
 •  Single daub - Removes a number from the ticket improving odds and increasing the probability of pattern
 •  Double daub - Removes two numbers from the ticket
 •  Double win - Doubles the bet winnings you earn if you make a pattern
 •  Instant win - Wins the ticket instantly

• Male and Female Calling Sounds. Smaller Rooms work as offline simulator.

• Multiplayer supports INVITE and PLAY with online social friends & family.

• Leader Board to view World wide and Country wise rankings.

• Shop, to buy virtual goods. Send & Accept Gifts from your friends and loved ones.

Download and Play 'Bingo & Tambola - Rise of Twins', We promise you won't look for another Bingo or Housie game!
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