Blastlands: Team Combat APK

Crazy PvP multiplayer action with upgrades, unique units and tons of explosions!

Version0.18.9 (688)
UpdatedJul 15, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperStrange Quest
CategoryGames, Action

Welcome to Blastlands: Team Combat, a new, super-fast action multiplayer team game from Strange Quest. Unlock a unique team of characters and dominate the battlefield!

Jump straight into the Domination game mode and capture all points before the enemy team or join a crazy Free-For-All battle and destroy as many opponents as you can while collecting scraps to evolve your unit. The more scraps, the more powerful you will become!

Battle your way through each season unlocking unique troops, special abilities and collect one-of-a-kind rewards. Complete the whole season to receive a one-off season specific dog tag to keep forever! Climb the leaderboard, earn promotion to the higher leagues for even better rewards!

If you should manage to evolve your unit to the final stage in the Free-For-All game mode, you can trigger the legendary "Wipe" function and immediately destroy every single opponent on the battlefield and shut down the entire server instance - the ultimate achievement!

🔸Three unique tech trees to choose from: Heavy, Speed and Engineer
🔸Eight boosters to bring with you into battle: Health, Shield, Push, Teleport, Smoke, EMP, Air drops and the soon-to-be classic, Farting Rainbows
🔸Two game modes: Domination and Free-For-All
🔸Progress through the Season Tree to unlock new troops, special abilities, and one-of-a-kind dog tags
🔸Battle your way up the leaderboard, fight for promotion and take your rightful place in the next league
🔸Upgrade your units by collecting scraps on the ground and by destroying opponents, and become the ultimate war machine
🔸Collect loot from air drops and give yourself an edge over your opponents. Airdrop crates contain: Health, Extra Damage, Speed, Freeze and Slow
🔸Collect coins by defeating opponents and use these to take boosters into your next match and strengthen your war effort
🔸Private Pork the war hog, sometimes arrives in air drops - chase him down for a big bonus bounty of sweet coins
🔸Replay highlights from your Domination matches and share the clip with your friends and followers

Blastlands is an online-only PvP game which requires an internet connection at all times.

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Visit us at https://forum.blastlands.com to give us feedback or suggestions, or email support@strangequest.com



What's New

- NEW MAP: Unfair Square
- NEW MOVEMENT: Stop, stand still, and take in your surroundings
- IMPROVED CONTROLS: Sharper movement & dash added to right controller
- MATCHMAKING: Shorter matching time
- BUFFED FRED: Jetpack Fred can now dash
- Lots of new features, tweaks, and fixes

Email: support@strangequest.com

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