The Bouygues Telecom application, all-in-one and close to you.


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Apr 2, 2024

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Bouygues Telecom APP

The new Bouygues Telecom application, all-in-one, easy to use and close to you.

Landline, mobile, or both? With the new Bouygues Telecom application, you can identify yourself quickly by facial recognition or fingerprint.
Consumption, bills, packages and subscriptions... All your essential information is visible at a glance, and accessible in one click on your customizable home screen.

But the new Bouygues Telecom application is also…

- Monitoring of your consumption
Whether you are at home, somewhere in France, or abroad, with the new Bouygues Telecom application you can follow your consumption in real time, wherever you are. A practical, mobile service that allows you to add top-ups and options, depending on the variations in your consumption.

- The management of your packages & your subscriptions
Need to know what's included in your or your loved ones' plan? Go to the "My lines" section to access the details of your offers.

- Your new online store
Looking for a new subscription, a more suitable plan with new equipment and bespoke options? Our online store offers a varied and personalized choice.

- Your tailor-made assistance
Thanks to the new Bouygues Telecom application, you have direct access to our assistance services and instant messaging. Misplaced phone? Mobile Assistance is there to support you. Need to drive, install or troubleshoot your Bbox? My Bbox Assistant is there to guide you.

- Permanent access to your invoices
Anywhere, anytime, they can be downloaded or viewed. And if necessary, you also have the option of paying your last bills.

- The management of your optimized WiFi
The "Manage my Bbox" space allows you to personalize your WiFi password and share it with those around you. Network control also allows you to more easily secure and control your children's internet access.

- The geolocation of your Bouygues Telecom technician
Do you have an appointment scheduled with a technician? With our geolocation service, you can follow its arrival in real time, be notified in the event of a delay, and note the quality of the intervention directly from your application.
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