A Rummy game with tiles.


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Jul 22, 2022
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Burako GAME

Burako is a Canasta-like game played using a set of numbered tiles, very popular in Argentina. It is a multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players (two pairs).

🏆 Multiplayer game
🏆 Play against real opponents, no robots
🏆 Free
🏆 Easy
🏆 Portrait and landscape orientation
🏆 User-friendly interface for mobile phones or tablets
🏆 Select the number of coins to play with
🏆 Welcome bonus and daily coins!
🏆 Play quick games
🏆 Weekly ranking
🏆 Private (password) or public tables
🏆 Play against friends or people from all over the world
🏆 Tech support online
🏆 Make new friends and connect with people online
🏆 Chat with players or privately with your friends!
🏆 Mute people at the table
🏆 Search filters to find players
🏆 Play anonymously
🏆 Rules in game to know how to play canasta game
🏆 Customize background and animation effects
🏆 Choose the language
🏆 Set time limit for each turn
🏆 Dirty go out and groups on/off option
🏆 Audio adjustment and double click on/off option

This online Burako is a fun card game for Facebook and Mobile available for Android and iOS.

The goal is to score points by putting down tiles in valid melds. There are two types of meld:

Escalera: a sequence of three or more consecutive numbers of the same color.
Pierna: a set of three or more tiles of the same number, irrespective of color.
A comodín (Mulita) or a two of any color can be used as a wild tile to substitute for any tile in a meld, when this happens it’s called impure (impura). A meld cannot have more than one wild tile. A meld without wild tiles is pure (pura). A meld of seven or more tiles is called a canasta.

The play can end when a player whose team has taken its muerto and has melded at least one canasta goes out by running out of tiles or the drawing stock is exhausted.

Whoever has the highest number of points wins. Values of tiles and canastas made are added, the team that closes the play gets 100 points, the tiles remaining in the player’s hand are subtracted, if a team does not raise its muerto points are subtracted.

• Canasta pura (clean meld): 200 points
• Canasta impura (includes wild tile): 100 points
• Royal canasta: 500 points
• Canasta 1 to 1: 1000 points
• Going out: 100 points
• 2 (wild): 10 points
• Mulita: 50 points
• 8 to 14: 10 points each tile
• 3 to 7: 5 points each tile
• 1: 15 points

Play on your mobile or tablet wherever you are with the Burako app from ConectaGames!

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