Introducing cARcuit, your all-in-one AR circuit design and simulator!


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Nov 20, 2023
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cARcuit - AR Circuit Builder & APP

Introducing cARcuit, your all-in-one AR circuit design and simulator! You can quickly and effectively place electrical components on a virtual breadboard and design the circuits you like. When a valid circuit is detected, the application will run real-time, responsive electrical simulations on your phone. The app allows you to save and share your creations with friends, and load them later on whenever you please.


Controlling a breadboard in an augmented reality environment.

Building and simulating circuits using a SPICE-based transient simulator with the following supported components: resistors, capacitors, LEDs, switches, ammeters & voltmeters, DC power supply, jumper wires.

Color-coded resistors, colored LEDs, auto-scaling for the values of meters and sources.

Saving and loading circuit board projects in individual files.


Does not currently support current sources, varying sources, controlled sources, initial conditions, inductors and transistors.

Does not allow in-app sharing of circuit files (can be done manually using file explorers, such as Google Files.)


The application requires ARCore to function, which would only be available on a number of specific devices. Please check your device with the ARCore-supported models ( to see if your device can use Augmented Reality.

The application could not be made possible without Spice#, an in-depth C# open-source library implementation for the SPICE framework that can be found at The file browser system is generously provided as a Unity Asset which can be found at
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