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May 15, 2024
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Cengage Digital is a medium to boost learning and elevate academic results. It offers a user-centric solution for "learning and practicing" flexibly, anytime, anywhere. Serving both Test Prep and Higher Education, it provides a rich array of supplementary digital resources—including assessments, solution videos on challenging topics and problems, and additional reading materials—integrated seamlessly with Cengage titles. This ensures students in these verticals receive an unparalleled learning experience.

Cengage Digital app has undergone a significant upgrade!

We have enhanced the app with more intuitive features and a simplified user experience, making it even more user-friendly for our customers to access and engage with our digital content.
With the upgraded Cengage Digital app, you can expect:

• Updated User Interface: The app's user interface has been refreshed to align with the latest Cengage brand guidelines, providing a modern and cohesive look.
• Guest Access: Users now have the ability to browse the catalog as guests.
• Simplified Sign-Up Process: We have streamlined the sign-up process, making it easier and more efficient for users to get started.
• New sections for latest releases for your ready reference, like, New Releases: Print and New Releases: Digital
• Product Info: Product videos of all the latest releases at your fingertips
• Intuitive Navigation: We have revamped the app's interface to provide a seamless and user-friendly navigation experience. Find your desired content effortlessly and navigate through different sections with ease.
• Enhanced Content Accessibility: App is optimized to ensure that accessing and interacting with our digital content is smoother than ever before. Enjoy a seamless reading experience and take advantage of video resources.
• Diagnostic and Mock Tests: Users can now take diagnostic and mock tests, with graphical representation of test results and a leaderboard to track their performance.
• Student Level analytics capture test level scores, accuracy, attempt rate, and time taken, enabling users to track their progress in detail.
• A FREE For You section, with products available for free redemption to facilitate learning.
• Access eBooks: Download eBooks and access them in offline mode anywhere, anytime.
• Downloadable Resources: Users can now download student resources directly from the app for offline access.
• Digital Content Access: Access your purchased digital content directly within the app. Whether it's eBook, Videos, or supplementary materials, unlock your resources effortlessly to support your learning goals.
• Redeem Digital Content: Seamlessly BUY and Redeem your digital content by entering a unique key within the app. Gain instant access to your purchased materials and enhance your study experience with just a few clicks in My Library.

Embark on a journey towards academic excellence with Cengage Digital. Download now and unlock a world of educational possibilities at your fingertips.

To download and install specific platform version of Cengage Digital, please visit https://www.cengage.co.in/cengagedigital

These are just a few of the many exciting features and improvements in the upgraded app. To experience these changes, please update your Cengage Digital app to the latest version.
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