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NameChange My Voice APK
Version5.2 (52)
UpdatedAug 06, 2015
DeveloperBest Free Apps Intl.
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

Change My Voice App

Record yourself and then change your voice. A powerful and simple voice changer.

Record yourself and then change your voice. A simple to use yet highly powerful voice changer.

You can select from many pre-defined voices
You can also use the tools and sliders to create your own voice modifications, by changing pitch, speed, adding echo and more.
This is the most flexible voice changer app, with infinite number of voice changing options.

You instantly hear the modified voice, no need to wait for processing.

Many asked to add an option to change the voice during a phone call. Unfortunately, an in-call voice changer is not possible in Android.

The app is supported by ads

APK: मेरी आवाज को बदलें, Alterar minha voz, Изменить мой голос, เปลี่ยนเสียงของฉัน, マイボイス変更, Change My Voice, Muuta ääneni, 改变我的声音, Cambia Mi voz, تغيير صوتي, Sesimi Değiştir, Ubah Suara Saya, Modifica la mia voce, Transformeur de voix, 내 음성 변경, שנה את הקול שלי, Meine Stimme verzerren

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