The Chevron App allows you to pay for fuel from the comfort of your car!


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Jul 12, 2024
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Use the Chevron app to pay for gas or diesel from the comfort of your driver’s seat for a seamless and simple experience at the pump! Additional benefits are available by joining the Chevron Texaco Rewards program ( ) in which members earn points on fuel and qualifying in-store purchases that can be redeemed for up to 50¢ off per gallon in rewards at participating stations. Use the station finder to find a participating Chevron station near you by filtering for “Chevron & Texaco Rewards.”

How to save on gas or diesel with the Chevron app:
• Sign up and join the Chevron Texaco Rewards program via the app.
• Fuel up using the app at the pump.
• Earn points on fuel and qualifying in-store purchases. Redeem rewards for up to 50¢ off per gallon at participating stations.

How to use the Chevron app:
• Before heading to the station, sign up to create a user account for mobile payments, and link an accepted payment method to your user account.
• At the station, use the app to reserve your pump and select the payment method from your driver’s seat.
• When prompted, fill up at the pump and go. Your receipt will be waiting for you in the app!

Easy ways to stay connected:
• Connect your phone to the car’s dashboard and open the app to find stations, redeem rewards, add a carwash, and pay for fuel. This feature is available for Android Auto users.
• Use your Wear OS device to fuel up and redeem your reward points at participating Chevron stations that accept mobile payments.

Additional features to help keep you going:
• Find lower carbon intensity products like renewable diesel blends and compressed natural gas.
• Filter through station amenities such as Convenience Store, Restrooms, Full-Service Car Wash, Amazon Pickup, EV Charging, and more.
• View in-app receipts for mobile payments.
• Get answers to frequently asked questions anytime and anywhere in the app with our digital chatbot, Mobi.
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