Classic keyboard with big keys and many customization options.


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Nov 23, 2023
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Classic Big Keyboard APP

• Adjust the size of the keys and their font.
• Change the typing sound and vibration.
• Customize dictionaries, predictions, auto corrections, define shortcuts to your own phrases and more.
• Customize your typing preferences.
• Customize the look of the keyboard and the information displayed on it.
• Select your favorite theme from many themes which are unique to the Classic Keyboard.
• Select your favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard.
• "Swipe typing" by dragging your fingers across keys to type.
• Voice typing by translating your speech to text.
• Define your favorite "gestures" for making predefined actions by swiping your fingers on the keyboard (Ex. swipe spacebar up to open a popup utility keyboard).
• The newest Emojis are built in the keyboard and are continuously updated.

• Swipe the spacebar from side to side for switching between languages.
• Long press the enter key to open the keyboard settings.
• Long press or double click the shift key for "caps lock".
• Long press the emoji button to open a textual emojis popup.
• Show the hidden symbols which are typed by long pressing on the keys (enable in Settings → Themes → Show hidden symbols).
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