Fun jigsaw puzzle games for kids!


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Jan 9, 2023

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Cocobi Puzzle Game-Kids Jigsaw GAME

Fun jigsaw puzzle games for kids!
Enjoy the free games of popular children’s jigsaw puzzles that come with educational benefits.
Play and solve the puzzle with Cocobi characters!

■ 120 different picture puzzles!
- Job Puzzles : Police, Firefighter, Doctor, Hairdresser, Chef
- Habit Puzzles : Poo Poo, Wash Hands, Bath, Brush Teeth
- Animal Puzzles : Lion, Shark, Elephant, Monkey, Gorilla
- Car Puzzles : Police Car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Excavator
- Dinosaur Puzzles : Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus
- Seasonal Puzzles : Christmas, Summer Vacation, Halloween Monster

■ Combine the fun of learning while you play!
- Self Esteem : Setting Goals, Free Reward Balloon Pop Game
- Problem Solving Skills : Concentration, Strategy Logic, Make Decisions
- Fine Motor Skills : Develop Fine Movements, Hand-Eye Coordination
- Memory Skills : Boost Brain Memory, Shape Recognition

■ About KIGLE
KIGLE creates fun games and educational apps for kids. We service free games for kids from 3 to 7 years old so kids of all ages can play and enjoy our kids' games. Our kids' games promote curiosity, creativity, memory, and concentration in children. KIGLE's free games also include popular characters like Pororo the Little Penguin, Tayo the Little Bus, and Robocar POLI. We create apps for children all around the world, hoping to provide kids with free games that will help them learn and play.

■ Hello Cocobi
Hello Cocobi is about a special dinosaur family. Coco is the brave older sister and Lobi is the little brother full of curiosity. Follow their special adventure on the dinosaur island. Coco and Lobi live with their mom and dad, and also with other dinosaur families on the island. Travel to the island of Cocobi where dinosaurs are living peacefully and happily together. The dinosaur characters and stories are for girls and for boys. There is a special dinosaur for everyone to love, even a T-Rex family!

■ Game Description
- Fun-packed kids jigsaw puzzle games with educational, learning benefits.
- Cocobi Puzzle Games is a kids puzzle game that is full of children's favorite themes. Including pictures of jobs, habits, animals, cars, dinosaurs, and seasonal themes. Play all 120 puzzle games!
- What is your child's favorite puzzle? These kids’ games are packed with popular themes. There are cool car puzzles, a dinosaur puzzle, pretty and cute picture puzzles for boys and for girls. Choose your favorite picture puzzle and solve the puzzle games.
- Play both the kids puzzles and the balloon game. POP POP!
- Free games : When you clear the puzzle, enjoy the extra balloon pop game. Pop all the cute balloons, from cars to animal balloons.
- Many challenging levels : These kids’ games challenge children to concentrate and to use their memory skills. Puzzle games are educational and the Cocobi Puzzle Games are for toddlers, for children, and for kids. There are levels to satisfy all ages of children.
- The Cocobi Puzzle Game is easy to play for all children; from preschool toddlers, and kindergarten to elementary school kids.
- There are easy 6 piece puzzle games for young kindergarten children and more challenging 36 piece puzzle games for older kids in elementary school. Everyone can play and enjoy the fun jigsaw puzzle games.
- The jigsaws for children offer cute animal puzzle games, a fun dinosaur puzzle, cool car puzzles, and more. All you have to do is drag your finger to play the game!
- The game offers fun educational puzzles for girls and puzzles for boys. Filled with 120 picture puzzles in 6 popular categories. Play them all for free!
- Clear all the 120 jigsaw puzzles made with children's favorite themes from animals, dinosaurs to cool cars. Collect all the stars and play the balloon pop game after each puzzle.
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