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Sep 7, 2023
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Colorminis Kids : 3D Coloring GAME

Colorminis Kids: 3D Coloring Fun is a family-friendly app designed for kids and adults. Discover the joy of designing vibrant anime, manga, chibi, and fantasy characters for endless enjoyment. Upgrade to premium for an enhanced artistic experience and unlock a world of creativity!


Kid-friendly designs: chibi, princesses, angels, dragons, warriors, and more
Diverse materials: glass, metal, wood, glitter, and beyond for unique creations
Easy controls: tap, pinch, swipe for navigation, view, and color effortlessly
Personal collection: save 3D masterpieces with custom name tags, cherish memories
Cross-device support: universal email login for seamless progress saving
User Stories:
Families love Colorminis Kids! One enjoys designing dragons, while another loves creating princesses. Everyone can join in the fun, experimenting with different materials and styles. It can become a bonding activity that everyone can look forward to.

Colorminis Kids is a fantastic way to spark creativity and imagination. Spend hours designing and coloring together. It's a great way for everyone to connect and create lasting memories.

Unlock Premium:

Access exclusive figures across apps and devices for endless inspiration
Enjoy regular content updates and new features, keeping the creativity flowing
Ideal for nurturing creativity in kids and engaging supportive adults
Colorminis Kids: 3D Coloring Fun offers a fun, entertaining, and relaxing activity for kids while also appealing to adults investing in their child's artistic growth. Ignite artistic expression and imagination with this innovative coloring app for the whole family.

We ensure Colorminis Kids runs smoothly on all devices. For issues, contact us at our email. Help us improve and grow by rating 5 stars and sharing with your friends!

Download Colorminis Kids: 3D Coloring Fun and unleash your family's inner artist!
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