Craftsmith - Idle Crafting Game APK

Gather materials to craft objects in this idle crafting game.

Version1.8.2 (483)
UpdatedJan 06, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
DeveloperKnubbles Inc.
CategoryGames, Simulation

Expand your workshop as you hire Workers, increase their Training, upgrade Tools and complete Research. Gather materials and craft objects in this idle crafting game.

Workers - Automate production and increase the amount produced.
Training - Decrease the time required to craft objects.
Tools - Tap objects to speed up production. Increases chance to produce extra.
Research - Earn increased experience from crafting.
Trinkets - Gain a speed boost after a lucky craft.
Charms - Gain Luck when you don't get lucky.
Equipment - Automatically tap objects over time.

Additional features
Goals - Complete goals to earn premium currency.
Talents - Earn exp to level up your profession and unlock powerful upgrades.
Prestige - Restart your profession to earn bonus exp and keep all unlocked talents.
Storehouse - Contribute additional materials and objects to increase the max stash size.
Expertise - Improve your stats the more you complete a task.

Woodworking - Gather wood to craft arrows, bows, and furniture.
Blacksmithing - Gather ore and smelt ingots to craft weapons and armor.

What's New

The Shop has been revamped!
NEW unlockable upgrades now available.
Equipment - Automatically taps all objects periodically.
Quest Completer - Instantly complete all Quests every 4 hours.
Diamond Mine - Gather 5 Diamonds every 20 hours.

Coins spent on previous upgrades have been refunded.
Tutorial for Shop added.
Reduced offline Exp.
Fixed a bug with Coins not properly updating when switching professions.
Fixed a bug causing some Quests to instantly complete.
Additional bug fixes.

Email: craftsmithgame@gmail.com

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