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NameCrystal Ball APK
Version1.9.0 (36)
UpdatedOct 11, 2021
DeveloperPlanète Voyance
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Crystal Ball App

Your application of clairvoyance in English

Want to discover your future?

Love, work, health, money… to know what the life reserves to you , consult the crystal ball.

Debauchery or a true love ,who knows what the future reserves to you? The crystal ball will help you to see things more clearly… Magical, you only have to let yourself guided !

What can push to consult a clairvoyant? A lot of things. Everyone wants to be reassured about its emotional future situation or professional. You also want it ?

The clairvoyant may choose to use divinatory supports, or not. The card draw, the pendulum, the oracle, cartomancy and numerology or astrology are also methods that can be used to see the future.

We use a method which is successful . The crystal ball.

Discover the art of the Cristallomancie, the crystal ball . Discover how to glimpse the future with the help of the crystal ball of Planete Voyance.

To summarize, what is the clairvoyance? It is a capacity divinatory or a sense which allows the person who holds it to have informations circulating in the space time (the present, the past or the future). The clairvoyant may only use his donation, but most use other things and deliver to you exact information (such as the tarot,the line of the hand, palmistry, , cartomancy, magic,good adventure, fortune teller, divination, telepathy,
Fingerprint Magic, etc…).

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