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Jan 23, 2018

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Date Ariane Portuguese Game

Date Ariane Portuguese is the Portuguese version of this graphic novel where you put yourself in the skin of a character on a date with Ariane, a woman you met recently and arranged to hang out with for a bit at your house.

In Date Ariane Portuguese you set your objective yourself, although the main idea in the story is to have a nice time with Ariane, holding a pleasant conversation, having dinner, watching a movie, or even playing paper, rocks, scissors. In this adventure you've got to carefully read what she tells you and select any of the various available options to move the date toward either a very good or a very bad ending.

Be careful with what you say or Ariane will throw you out of her house, leaving you with no possibility of having any kind of relationship with her. One of big advantages in this game is precisely that you've got a lot of different paths to choose from and if the date ends badly you can always start over and try an different set of responses to make things better. Only you can decide whether you will hit it off with Ariane.
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