★ Please put in your own background pictures and your own background music.


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Secret Notes Diary Lock APP

★ Please put in your own background pictures and your own background music.
★ If you drag (swipe) hand to screen e-book as you move to the next or previous memo notes.

★ Set the password password lock function of the password and pin number patterns ways of how you can protect yourself wrote in a note.
Written notes are stored in an internal database of the app. If you do not start the app anyone can not read the contents.

★ You can add your own message on the main screen. Then add the famous sayings or their favorite content.

★ When you run the app, you can set the background image for the background music you want and the main screen. When you start the app automatically as background music when the play is an empty space on the main screen, double-tap (double touch) it will stop. If you double-tap again to play.

★ Try to find the time.
- If you need to copy the contents of a text file to the Internet Web site or document and paste it to Notepad, you can view or edit at any time when needed.
- Writing fiction writer who can quickly record that I think from time to time.
- Take note of what happened day by day diary.
- A sudden idea or a thought comes to mind from time to time I leave a note of things. One of the characteristics of successful people have a habit of notes.
- Important phone numbers and information management for critical people
- Slush fund management, saving management, financial management, management gyetdon
- Key points as you study, course content writing
- Business information on the company, meetings, recording exactly what to do in the future, calendar
- Car Care Engine oil change, tire exchange etc.
- Bank account management, insurance management
- Health care, diet record
- Id and password management of Internet websites
- Try a simple note whenever you need it.

Key Features ★ Secret Diary Notes
- When the sun icon in the note list can change the order of the day.
Send an e-mail or memo to -SNS and can be shared.
- The document you have created can be viewed as ebooks.
- Written note leads cute footprints icon on the right and white hearts on the list.

- Press the flower-shaped icon on the notepad, you can change the background image Notes paedeuyi. It can change the user's photographic image or base wood background.
- The note pad, delete, change font color, font size change, previous button, the Next button. Touch the bar under the circle and round in shape when changing the font color to select the desired color and then press the OK button.
- If you press and hold a notepad on the screen with your finger copy, paste, you can use the Crop tool.

- Press the lock icon on the main screen and can set the password in the Password and Pattern lock pin number of ways how you can delete a password.

- Background image of the main screen, you can change a photo taken by the user to the desired image or camera. Google Plus users can directly upload their images and post images.
Family, friends, lovers, self-camera photos, decorate your favorite celebrity star, cute pets, animation, image, beautiful, stunning landscapes taken to go traveling, the main screen with favorite photos, such as athletes.

- When running the application, you can turn off or turn on the background music sounds. When changing the background music, press the select background music, select the audio files that are stored on the smartphone, then press the Done button. If you check the repeat play background music is played repeatedly.
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