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Aug 22, 2017
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Dungeon Rpg : Hero GAME

This is the new Dungeon Rpg!

New graphics and various types of monsters have appeared!

---- Operation method and guide ----

☆ You can get banners and boss monsters that exist in various places of the map and get some jewelry!

☆ To access the portal, there must be no enemy monsters on the stage!

☆ Shop items can be purchased from shop potals.

☆ In order to enter Dungeon related portal, you must acquire as many keys as you need!

☆ A close range weapon can not attack while jumping.
    - However, ranged weapons can be attack while jumping!

☆ You can check your inventory by clicking the bag icon at the top.

☆ Consumables are reduced by one each time you use them.

☆ Equipment is rated as Usually, rare, Epic.

☆ 'Garnet jewelry icon can be exchanged with in-app billing and gold tap!

☆ Watching Compensation Ads to get your game money and benefits!

☆ Game data is saved automatically!

♥ Please contact us at blueplane17@gmail.com for any errors or other improvements.
We will actively accept feedback and strive to improve it as soon as possible!
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