The battle for survival between humans and mutants in the Wasteland has begun!


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May 15, 2024
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Dust Lands Survival GO GAME

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Welcome to Dust Lands. In this post-apocalyptic multiplayer strategy war game, you will become a survivor of the apocalypse, gather other survivors to establish a powerful underground bunker, explore the crisis-ridden wasteland, clear out the mutant monsters, collect resources and treasures left over from the old world, uncover the truth hidden by the wasteland, lead the alliance to reshape the new world order, and revive human civilization.

Search! Expand! Fight! Reclaim your homeland from the monsters!

Game features:

☆ Realistic post-apocalyptic survival experience ☆
Explore a realistic post-apocalyptic world with destroyed towns, stranded fleets, eerie prisons, and abandoned hospitals. Freely explore a million-kilometer map, clear out mutants, dig up treasures, and scavenge resources, never missing any opportunity to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse.

☆ Build an indestructible bunker ☆
Find resources, save survivors, build a more indestructible underground bunker, block the invasion of the monster tide, provide a safe haven for your survivors, and lay the foundation for rebuilding human civilization.

☆ Experience the thrill of combat ☆
The high degree of freedom in marching mechanism allows you to flexibly command multiple lines of troops, fully exerting the strategic effect of tactics and winning the war. Rich event copies, instant encounters with mutant monsters, cleverly matching personalized skills, killing large numbers of monsters, experiencing the thrill of combat.

☆ Build a powerful team of survivors ☆
Gather survivors with special abilities, train heroes, enhance weapons, and build a powerful army to fight against mutant monsters and unknown crises, and win every war!

☆ Establish a strong alliance faction ☆
Join the alliance, make allies, unite more survivors of the same camp, jointly resist mutant monsters, evil forces, and ambitious enemies, and guard and develop a larger living space.

☆ More strategic gameplay ☆
In the survival-of-the-fittest wasteland world, you need to use everything to survive! Build armies of different troop types, form suitable hero lineups, match different formations, use troop types to restrain, face different environments and enemies, adapt to changing combat strategies, and become the strongest commander in the wasteland.

☆New Power Grid Online☆
In this chaotic era, darkness reigns supreme, but that's all set to change. Survivors have built an underground power grid. Manage limited power resources to keep the Bunker operational and prevent it from succumbing to darkness. Power will be the key to your survival in the apocalypse, offering light and hope, yet it also attracts threats from the outside world.

Who will become the ultimate ruler of Dust Lands, humans or mutants?
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