Illuminate & transform the lock screen with *Edge lighting - Border Colors*


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May 17, 2024

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Edge Lighting - Border Colors APP

Experience the aesthetic allure always on top edge lighting colors - magical bordercolors notification app, where borders glow, glint and gleam on home screen and lock screen in high resolution.

Features of color edge screen:

- Edge Lightning border colors.
- Corner edge lighting notifications.
- Live Clock wallpapers & magic light.
- HD color wallpapers with borderlight app.
- RGB Border colors on edge notification.
- LED border lights & music lighting.

Personalize with screen lighting app
Personalize your home screen and lock screen by choosing the clock style, live wallpaper, border animation or even your own photo.

Rounded Borderlight wallpaper live
Transform your device with the dynamic ambiance of an LED borderlight wallpaper, bringing your screen background to life in real-time.

Customize always on edge borders
Experience the border lights by choosing from different categories. Use RGB color border in three or four colors.

Wallpaper animation Control
Easily adjust animation speed & time according to battery percentage.

Display Notch Precision
Border lighting seamlessly integrate with your device's notch design & fine-tune Display settings, including width, height, and border radius.

Dual Clock Display
Enjoy the convenience of having always on display (AOD) digital & analog clock.

Magic Lightning screen app
Immerse yourself in stunning visuals by setting 4K Backgrounds as wallpapers, seamlessly blending with colorful edge animated Lighting.
Imagine a dynamic visual experience with bordercolors, exploring a stunning collection of live wallpapers. Customize always on display digital and analog clocks and mesmerizing, vibrant, that breathe life into your device's display.

Download curved edge lighting application now to transform your Android experience into a dynamic showcase of style and functionality.
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