Dynamic and hardcore Action with Rogue-like elements. Ready for the challenge?!


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Mar 10, 2024

Elysium Infinity GAME

The Lords of Pandemonium have risen once again, threatening to abolish all life. It is your sacred duty as a guardian angel to interfere and bring justice into the fractured realm of Elysium be in this stylish action-packed roguelike experience.

Improve your skills, collect and upgrade powerful gear, fight the enemies and merciless bosses, die and repeat until the demonic reign collapses into total submission.

And hope the pure light of Elysium is on your side!

--------- Game features: ---------

- Be prepared to encounter countless difficult battles.
- You must defeat bosses, with each battle presenting great challenges.
- Conquer the enemies, find and upgrade equipment.
- Pick random strength cards (Overloads) before each level.
- These strength magnifications will allow you to change the gaming style.
This is a release version of the game. The current version of this game has 6 available levels.

We encourage you to leave replies and reviews to see us improve and develop the game soon.
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