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Version1.1.4 (3951)
UpdatedMar 26, 2020 (7 days ago)
Release dateApr 17, 2019 (12 months ago)

Barcode Tagging for Volume Photography with DSLRs

The ENTAGGED will help you automate your volume photography workflow.

The ENTAGGED is a tiny Bluetooth module that plugs into your Canon or Nikon DSLR. With this app, you will be able to scan a barcode that will be embedded into all the following photos directly in-camera, until you scan the next code. Alternatively, you can pair a Bluetooth Barcode scanner or even RFID scanner directly with the ENTAGGED for even quicker scanning, easier handling in certain environments and all-day battery life. You can also trigger the DSLR from the app or scanner.

Check out to see if your camera is compatible.


When taking thousands of photos, photographers need to keep track of what or who they took each photo of. This is true for markets such as school, event and tourist attraction photography and many more.

Complete Workflow Automation
To automate your volume photography workflow, the ENTAGGED stores the barcodes you scan into the metadata of each photo directly in the camera – the instant you press the shutter. And that’s where they stay, no matter how you transfer the photo between your camera and your computer. The ENTAGGED makes sure that individuals or products are associated with the photos automatically, so you don’t need to do any extra work yourself. Just scan a code and take a photo.


In order to use the ENTAGGED, no firmware upgrade of your camera is necessary. Just start the app or turn on the scanner, plug in the Bluetooth module and you’re good to go. After easy initial pairing in the app the ENTAGGED reconnects automatically when turned on.

Direct Embedding.
All barcode data is saved into the photo’s EXIF data the instant you press the shutter. The ENTAGGED writes the code to the comment or copyright fields. You get direct feedback in the app whether embedding the code was succesful or not, and can even double check in the camera.

Reliable Connection.
The ENTAGGED on the camera connects to the app or scanner via Bluetooth Low Energy. Enjoy a reliable connection without a restricting tether so you can fully concentrate on taking photos.

Barcodes: many kinds and many styles.
The ENTAGGED also supports multiple barcodes for group shots or package information for pre-paid orders. It works with 1D or 2D alphanumeric barcodes up to 36 characters, on some cameras up to 63. Even existing RFID wristbands used in themeparks can be scanned.

An adaptable solution for a diverse industry.
The ENTAGGED is the best solution to improve and automate your workflow. It just falls in line with the rest your workflow and can be adapted to any use case out there. Hundreds of photo-graphers are already using the ENTAGGED on a daily basis in theme parks, schools, warehouses and many more places across the globe to save time and unnecessary costs.

The ENTAGGED is available as a one-time purchase without recurring fees and is compatible with most workflow software. We also provide developer information on how to integrate it into your custom workflow.

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