Exploration Craft is an adventure game in a infite Block World

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Version144.0 (144)
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Free download Exploration Craft 3D 144.0 apk game latest version for android


Exploration Craft is a 3G game in a open Block World game, which allow you to build everything in a 3D environment.
This Exploration game contains a large number of different blocks which you can craft your world.
Exploration Craft is inspired by a famous Crafting game and is still in development and contains many block, build and craft.
I hope to make you discover another feel than you can find in some Craft game.

Every advices are welcome !

What's New

-New Quests
-Fix skins selection
-FPS view button (to see the game in the first person)
Incoming (in alpha) : Weather snow/rain/Cloud and AI for villagers

Latest Version

Exploration Craft 3D 144.0

Updated: 2019-10-01 (2 months ago)

144.0 (144) 2019-10-01
143.0 (143) 2019-09-18
141.0 (141) 2019-08-12
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