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Pop-series scroll idle mobile game! Start your fantastic adventure story now!


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Dec 2, 2021

Explorer Legend - CBT Game

Join in the ranks of brave explorers and challenge a new life with multiple adventures!
Download to get a pair of gorgeous wings "Bounty Compass"!

The seal of the Demon God is about to break, and hordes of monsters are stirring…
Explorers! It is time to embark on a new journey! The land of adventure beckoning!
Anyone who is talented, regardless of age or status, is the best candidate to be a mighty explorer!

Explorer Legend is a pop-series side-scrolling idle mobile game with easy and free controls. Its unique and innovative class system allows for diverse gameplay. You will be able to control 5 characters at the same time! With free and exclusive VIP perks, as well as thousands of special outfits and mounts which can be mixed and matched freely, you will be able to create a personalized explorer. Also, there are hundreds of funny and exciting bosses waiting for you to challenge! Come and start a new chapter of your own adventure story! Here, you can play multiple roles, and also be yourself, of course.

========Game Features========
【Easy-to-start AFK Gameplay, Auto Capture Creeps with Only One Finger】
Free your hands from crazy farming!
Breaking the complex traditional gameplay of horizontal unfolding, providing a unique full-map capturing function, the game allows Creeps to take the offensive! Play the game with just one finger! Enjoy pressure-free level-up. It is absolutely the best choice for a busy person like you!

【New Generations New Gameplay! Explore Various Adventure Stories!】
A life with multiple possibilities is waiting for you to experience!
Play with a new combat mode, where you can control five characters at the same time, matching the combat features of all roles as you wish. Break the level ceiling of the mortal world through Prestige. Tailor an all-round team to experience the cold-free new life of the brave. Experience multiple roles at the same time will surely make your adventure the coolest one!

【Various Styles and Outfits at the Forefront of Fashion】
Develop a new taste in fashion!
With various well-designed fashions and wings, as well as funny dialog boxes and special effects of damage numbers, the game allows you to develop a unique personal style and always be at the forefront of fashion!

【Pretty and Sumptuous Rides! Drive & Draft with Pleasure!】
Cool and gorgeous mounts attract the attention of everyone!
Cute hot air balloons, a cool sports car, a robot full of passionate souls... There are all kinds of mounts beyond your imagination, on whom you can go anywhere you wish to go. Nothing is impossible in the world of Explorer Legend!

【Permanent Free VIP! Pay 0 to Be The Strongest!】
No P2W to level up VIP!
Enjoy member-exclusive fashions, elves and multiple privileges. Who says you must pay to be a VIP? F2Ps’ best choice. Pay 0 to be the whale!

【Chatting and Making Friends! Team Up to Fight Monsters Closely!】
The best social game for busy people!
Increase your friendship through various interaction and guild systems! Your adventure now is no longer alone! Brave and reliable partners are necessary for a thrilling adventure. Call your friends to fight Bosses anytime, anywhere!

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※Official fan club: https://www.facebook.com/Explorer-Legend-EN-107478895026100
※Contact customer service: explorerlegend.sea@gmail.com
※The game contains simulated virtual violence, love and friendship, and is suitable for 15+.
※The game is free to play, but also offers in-app purchase. Make appropriate purchases based on your personal interests and ability.
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