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GamesF18 Army Fighter Jet Attack APK
DeveloperKick Time Studios
Version1.2 (4)
UpdatedOct 16, 2018 (1 year ago)
Release dateMay 21, 2015 (5 years ago)
Installs1 M+

Fly fighter jet attack enemies in air, land, water and underwater in war

Get ready to enter in the world or war and chaos with thrilling flying and shooting skills as pro airfighters in F18 Army Fighter Jet Attack newest 3D simulator game.

Enter in cockpit of this advanced aircraft combat game. Takeoff and fly in the skies from airports aircraft carriers runway as trained fighter pilot for f18 and f22 thunder plane. Play as ace jet pilot in F18 Army Fighter Jet Attack 3D tactical simulation game. Destroy fiercer enemy jets in combat missions you not only had to fly in sky and target enemy army aircraft's and jets. Go for ground attack and naval ocean battles to show pilot skills like a space marshal. Defend enemy troops invading your country airspace and waters with warships and submarine fleets. Use radar for navigation and guided missile, bombs to destroy rival flying base, tanks, naval fleets and submarine in Pacific Ocean in assault missions.

Rise as hero in the time of crisis and modern war era your nation is on the edge of war. Your duty calls you to defend your country play as air force trained pilot destroy rival naval fleets help you navy forces. Target enemy’s tanks and submarine before it takes stealth attack from under water. Shot down enemy’s military gunship helicopter and fighter warplane with your weapons firepower. Don’t let any water, air warship enter your country territories. Download F18 Army Fighter Jet Attack action packed 3D simulation game in your android tablet and mobiles. Engage enemy military gunship helicopters destroy them in the air.

F18 Army Fighter Jet Attack Warfare Features:

★10 breathtaking impossible battle scenarios to test flying skills
★Advanced enemy war machines to face in adventure battle sim
★Fight against gunship helicopter, aircraft carrier, submarine, fighter jets
★Gyro controls to navigate and fly your army airplane
★Cockpit view for real life jet flying experience
★Different warzone locations like ocean, mountain, ground land and more
★Best bomb missile blast effects and sounds
★Enhance your gaming experience like never before

F18 Army Fighter Jet Attack APK