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Oct 12, 2023
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Famous Birthdays is the ultimate destination to learn about celebrities and creators and boost your favorites to increase their popularity. Start each day by browsing today's top birthdays and see who is trending, then put your knowledge to the test with engaging celebrity trivia games.

Explore Today's Top Birthdays
Browse top birthdays and profiles daily, learning about their rise to fame, key milestones, and notable associations.

View Trending and Most Popular Charts
Keep up with daily popularity charts, discover who's trending now and who is most popular.

Boost Your Favorite Stars
Show support for your favorite celebrities by boosting their popularity.

Quickly Search
Easily find celebrities and creators by searching for their name, birthdate, birthplace, profession, associated movies and shows, and more.

Play Celebrity Trivia
Challenge your knowledge of celebrities and creators with all of these trivia games; Who Am I, Guess Their Age, Who Ranks Higher, Who Played Me, and Name That Cast.
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