With text search app you can find words quickly


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Mar 2, 2024

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Find a word in text quickly APP

You can find words in English or any language you want

Do you want text search in pdf ?
You can copy the text from the pdf file and paste it into the application to find a word in a text

search by text provides find word with number feature where you can find out the number of repeated word in the text

With word find, you will be able to find the word quickly and effortlessly

The text finder app comes with a smooth and easy to use interface

The word finder is distinguished by coloring the word you searched for so that you can distinguish it and find it

Through the text viewer search, you can search for a complete sentence, word, number, or any text you want

When making reports or research, you may need to search word in text, so this application will help you a lot

We hope you like the text to search tool
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