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Apr 22, 2022
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Five Nights with Froggy GAME

One day King Froggold II brought some old toys from the late King Froggold the First to the Fairy Kingdom as a gift for the young Prince Leonid the Second. It doesn't look like the prince appreciated the gift, but that's not really the story.

After buying a new apartment, you urgently needed a good job, and you managed to get a job with the richest man in Prague. His royal garden is often raided by some vandals. You will have to work as a night guard of the royal garden and make sure that no vandals sneak into the garden. The instructions will be explained to you by King Froggold the Second's chief servant.

Features of the game:
• Story campaign - protect the royal garden, chase away vandals, be present in the current events of the Fairy Kingdom;
• Unusual workplace - who would have thought that you would be sitting in a hut on chicken legs, and not in a normal office;
• Dialogues - communicate with the main servant and your mentor Lorenzi, with your colleague Daniel and even with His Majesty King Froggold the Second;
• Video surveillance - inspect the garden, use night vision, activate the alarm if necessary;
• Mobile phone - receive messages, use the camera;
• Endless mode - survive as long as possible;
• Secret nights with its own special features;
• Bestiary - learn more about the characters and how to defend against opponents;
• Mini-game - defend against an endless stream of toys;
• Gallery with beautiful art from loyal fans.
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