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May 4, 2022
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Forty Thieves Solitaire Game GAME

Forty Thieves Solitaire is probably the most popular solitaire game played with two decks. This Forty Thieves card game is a pleasing and enjoyable solitaire game on Android that is completely free. Our version of Forty Thieves takes the classic solitaire card game to the next level. In Forty Thieves Solitaire, two standard decks of 40 cards are dealt face-up in 10 Tableau, each consisting of four cards. Just like Klondike solitaire games, you must move cards from the Tableau to the Foundation cells by suit, in ascending order. The challenge is that you can only place a card in descending order and of the same suit to the tableau. Most games are easy to solve if you can find the right strategy.
You can now play free Forty Thieves Solitaire anywhere at any time of the day. So challenge yourself and start playing for free now!


🌕 Extremely User-friendly: Easy interface and smooth gameplay
🌕 Free to play
🌕 Good visuals and animations
🌕 Themes: Choose from a variety of cards, card backs, and backgrounds
🌕 Sound effects
🌕 Options menu to configure different settings
🌕 Tap to move or drag and drop
🌕 Auto-hint
🌕 Unlimited undo
🌕 Unlimited stock flip
🌕 Replay the same game
🌕 Auto-save
🌕 Statistics
🌕 Daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboard
🌕 Auto-finish
🌕 Phone and Tablet support

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