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Oct 30, 2017
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Frontier Animals Hunting 2016 GAME

Fight for survival through multiple game modes. Ramp up the action in boss missions, test your skills in sniper missions and help virus survivors to safety in support missions.
Play Jurassic land warriors sent to front-line fighters hunters, it will be difficult for evil or killer, carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor, Pterosaur. Rush through hunting, with no extreme hunting wiped out most of the runner-up demand.

The game has many weapons to choose from: Deagle, AWP, AW50, Deagle, AK47, AS50,AS50,M4A1, bombs, medical kit. M4A1, AWP, AW50, bombs, medical kit. Kill the enemy get gold awards, gold can be used to buy weapons. This is a real sniper war!

Sounds effects and music will take you into the world of the first person shooter. Feel as if you are there and experience real combat.
Shoot your way through an immersive, fully realized 3D civilization complete with fantastic undead animations and graphics. It’s the next level in smartphone first person shooters.

Game features:
- Realistic weather conditions and new challenges to your task
- Complicated cases, the hijacked buildings and gauntlet
- Intense battle scenes and challenging tasks
- Play Elite SWAT killer to save the world
- Each level has a different mission accomplished
- SWAT forces, elite snipers, armored vehicles and more enemies Ratings
- CHALLENGES survival game and you capture very thrilling sniper headshot
- Gather components to expand your sniper team

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