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Version4.12.7 (41207)
UpdatedMay 07, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateAug 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
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DeveloperComely Enterprises
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Funnearn, a mobile gaming app.Play simple games & double your money every minute

Funnearn is first of its kind platform in mobile gaming, where you can participate in paid contests and double your money every minute with your general mental abilities.
At the moment we have a game which anybody can play and win real money in minutes.

ASCENDY: Here you get popups of two colors: red and green. Red symbolizes descending tap and green indicates ascending tap. Move your fingers fast as you have to beat your opponent. You get two red lives in every contest and these red lives enhance your chances of winning. So, the more red lives you have more are your chance of winning.
You can accumulate your red lives by sharing, playing and spending money. The moment you are out of your red lives your next wrong tap could be your last tap.

*Features of app:*
1. Easy game
2. One to one contest giving every player a fair and proximate opportunity to be a winner.
3. Short game cycles hence more opportunity of winning and playing.
4. Loyalty bonus to every user in form of goodies, discount coupons and bonus money.
5. The contests are available around the clock and contest cycle ends in minutes, hence double your money every minute.
6. Bumper contests where you win real cash for free and you get the opportunity to win on the basis of the highest score you achieved out of your multiple attempts.
How to download:
1. Go to play store, download Funnearn app, go to paid contest of rupee 10, a download link would be shared on your mobile, download this and enjoy playing paid contests and win real money every minute.
2. Go to app store download the Funnearn app and start playing paid contests and enjoy real money every minute.
3. Go to MI store and download Funnearn app and start playing paid contests to realize your dream of earning money per minute.

*How to withdraw your money:*
Verification: you need to full fill the process of KYC i.e. You need to verify your identity prior to withdrawal and also link your Paytm number with us.
You can with draw your money to your bank account and Paytm wallet from Funnearn wallet immediately , no waiting , just choose the mode you want Paytm or bank transfer.
Coming up with great games very soon to add to your thrill and excitement.

So, download the app for a great gaming and big earning.