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May 15, 2022
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Galaxy Pioneer GAME

After 3,028 years of development and exploitation, the rulers of the Guno planet discovered that the planet's resources would be exhausted in 130 years, so they urgently launched the "Century Plan" to relocate all the creatures and civilizations from Guno to another planet within 100 years. In order to achieve this ambitious plan, the government formed a pioneering team of top scientists and sociologists from all over the world, named as "Galaxy Pioneer", to travel to the boundless deep space and find another planet suitable for the survival of the Gunos.

On the way of interstellar exploration, they not only have to find a suitable geographical environment to expand their territory as soon as possible, but also have to build bridges with alien civilizations, develop new foreign policies, learn new alien languages, cooperate, war and trade with neighbors of different species, take more resources, and continue to develop and prosper in the new land.

Can the Gunos survive?
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