Sanic Retnurs FastErs , BetteR , StrOnGer and with more MEMES

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Version1.9.5 (15)
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Free download Go Sanic Goo! Runner MLG Hyper Meme Dash 1.9.5 apk game latest version for android


SanicDa hghbhogg and his thoughts enjoying the day going fast and stuff until those annoying enemies shows up and ruins everything.
Now Unleash the power from SanicMANA hyper Dash, and Broke the sound barrier ! . Speed is at max!

Play as ModernSanic , the runner Classic Sanic 2D Meme and a Sanic runner from Future.
Go Sanic Goo! run fast!

What's New

-Fixed bug when game scene reloads multiple times.
-Improvements and visual changes on the UI Menu.
-Store screen tweaks
-Added a loading screen.
Development time is back so let me know what do you think, suggestions are welcome.
Please share to your friends .

Latest Version

Go Sanic Goo! Runner MLG Hyper Meme Dash 1.9.5

Updated: 2018-07-06 (1 year ago)

1.9.5 (15) 2018-07-06
1.9.4 (14) 2018-01-21
1.9.3 (13) 2017-09-28
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