Good Old Dungeon APK

First person perspective dungeon crawler RPG game

Version1.8.9 (214)
UpdatedJul 08, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperVast Digital Space
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Good Old Dungeon is a first person perspective dungeon crawler role-playing game. Choose one of the 4 available classes – Warrior, Rogue, Wizard or Monk and venture through 5 dungeons each with its own unique boss.

Your adventure starts in the Prison dungeon leading through Crypts and Library to the underworld Caves and finishes in the strange world of the Abyss.

Each dungeon allows you to find useful loot matching your level and adventure progress. Anything that can drop from monsters can also be found in the in-game shop so it should be easy to fill in any gaps in your gear. In case you are stuck and cannot progress further try crafting the most powerful items or enchant the ones you already have.

After you unlock the Abyss dungeon you can try out your characters in the Arena. Beware! All the Arena monsters are a lot more powerful than their adventure dungeon kin.

If you are looking for a classic RPG dungeon crawler with some FPS elements Good Old Dungeon is a game for you!

Main features:
- free to play
- first person perspective
- 4 character classes: warrior, rogue, wizard, monk
- 5 dungeons: Prison, Crypt, Library, Caves and Abyss plus a challenging Arena
- shop to buy and sell items
- crafting to create the strongest gear
- enchant items beyond their original powers

What's New

Version 1.8.9 changes:
- gamepad compatibility improved
- look around Y axis invert added to settings

Version 1.8.6 changes:
- the adverts for character revive can now be skipped after 5 seconds
- the adverts that sometimes appear between dungeon levels are less frequent and can be skipped after 5 seconds
- on-hit sounds added to the basic melee weapon attacks

build 214

Email: vast.digital.space@gmail.com

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