Now defeat the incoming monsters and set your own strategy!


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Sep 22, 2023

Guardian Chronicle R GAME

Access now and pick heroes 100 times just for you.
It's time to defend your kingdom with heroes!
Join the battle immediately!

Defeat the incoming monsters quickly with your strongest heroes!
We need you with the best strategy~!

▶About Game
Summon a hero with one click to lead the best corps!
Experience various battles to reach the top of the kingdom!

▶Key Features
- Drag and combine Guardians, level up for evolution, and defend your castle!
- Collect and bond with dozens of unique Guardians to unlock their hidden abilities and powers!
- Use your quick agility to defeat endless waves of monsters and climb to the top Tier!
- Utilize a variety of random powers and use critical strategy to claim victory!

▶Multiple Game Modes
◆ Stage Mode ◆
Ready to challenge your limits?
The more stars you collect on the stage, the bigger the reward.
Clear all the episodes to get the final reward!

◆ Co-op Mode ◆
Race through seasonal stages as fast as you can with your friends and guild members!
Cooperate as much as possible by forming a common enemy!
Check out the upgraded rewards for faster clear times!

◆ Arena ◆
A space only allowed for top predators!
Only experienced players with a certain level of tier can challenge.

◆ Daily Dungeons ◆
Who can challenge the most difficult dungeon?
This dungeon is transformed by a mysterious force each day!
The rewards are as great as the challenges.

◆ PVP mode ◆
Quickly defeat raging enemies on a map that changes every week!
Defeated monsters in your field will respawn on your opponent's field!
Summon powerful Guardians and defeat boss monsters to win PVP battles!

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