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Feb 7, 2022

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Happy Tree Friends Game Runner GAME

Welcome to Camp Pokeneyeout where camping fun turns to bloodthirsty mayhem! Join the gang to compete in the camp’s “maim” event, the Deadeye Derby! Play a battle of one-on-one revenge as your favorite Happy Tree Friends characters in four unique environments while firing your slingshot at real-time opponents from around the world. Upgrade your slingshot for better performance and customize your cart to monster proportions. Take control of the action with your device’s gyro capabilities for aiming and shooting in the most exciting Happy Tree Friends game ever!

Toothy Bob World happy tree friends - Super Adventure takes you back to your childhood with the legendary mission: Save the Princess. The game world offers well-designed levels, different enemies, super bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sound effects.
Bob's world has been empty since the princess was kidnapped and held in the jungle. This is where the adventure begins !
Your mission is to help Bob run through the jungle, jump over obstacles and monsters to save the beautiful princess.such as
Super Bino Go or Super Bobby's World Run or Lep's World or ....

Happy tree friends Characters :
Happy Tree Friends adventure will take you back in time to your childhood with the legendary mission: Princess Rescue. Your task is to help Toothy , Fliqpy, Flaky, Giggles, Nutty, Lumpy, Mr. Pickels, Sniffles for driving toys runner such as Pencilamtion or Morphle , bob princess or wolfoo or teen titans or super ben ten or bluey or Oggy or Hero Pyjamasques , then you will love this cool FREE drive game
Cuddles and Giggles and Toothy and Lumpy and Petunia and Nutty and Sniffles and Pop and Cub andFlaky

Be nimble and quick to help Lep find his gold. Our little elf is determined to recover all his hidden coins in a host of extremely well-designed levels.

[How to play] :
+ Use buttons to jump, run and shoot
+ Eat mushrooms and items to get stronger and defeat all monsters.
+ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points.
[Characteristics] :
+ Gorgeous high definition graphics
+ Smooth user interface
+ Music and sound effects
+ Suitable for children and adults
+ The game is free, no purchase necessary.
+ Awesome classic retro game style gameplay
+ Simple and intuitive controls with on-screen retro-controller
+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberries, flowers and shields
+ Destructible bricks and blocks and moving platform
+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern pieces
+ Collectable items, coins, shields, etc.
+ Underground and water worlds to swim, jump and run
+ Shop with items and rewards: unlock worlds before finishing other worlds.

Lep, the little elf, has lost his gold. To find him, he needs you to help him run and jump through the fantasy realms of Lep's World. But beware, this world is full of monstrous beasts ready to do anything to stop little Lep. The clover leaves you collect will improve Lep's health. But health alone won't be enough to keep him out of trouble. A simple angry bee could sting it! Your smooth and fluid movements will guide Lep throughout this adventure. You will experience "Forty Shades of Fun"!

Do not hesitate and join one of the most interesting adventures ever with Super Toothy bob Go.
Fight monsters - Break all records - And the most important: SAVE THE PRINCESS
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