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7 जून 2024
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Make your photos yours with Lightroom’s free photo and video editor

If you want photos that stand out, you need to try Lightroom. From beginners to professionals, this is your easy, quick solution for creating the photos and videos you want. Offering intuitive AI-assisted tools, presets, filters, and advanced features that give you full control and pro-quality every time.

Create your own style, apply filters, batch edit photos, and get stunning pictures with this easy-to-use yet powerful photo and video editor.

Portrait Photos
Use the Lens Blur tool to make people stand out and Generative Remove to erase background distractions, blemishes or shiny skin

Travel Photos
Presets and filters that enhance the sky in one tap and Remove tools to clean up distractions and unwanted objects for a photo worth sharing

Food Photos
Selective edits that make your subject stand out

Street Photos
HDR, Texture and Grain editor that brings out the atmosphere of the location

Landscape Photos
Hue and Saturation editor to set the tone of your photo

AI-Powered Features
• Generative Remove: easily remove photobombers and pesky objects that ruin your otherwise perfect photo
• Lens Blur: add blur to backgrounds to make people really stand out (now available as Blur Background Presets)
• Adaptive Presets: easily make subjects and skies pop with one tap
• Masking: quickly select any part of a photo and make detailed edits to get the right balance in your image
• Recommended Presets and Filters: with so many presets and filters tailored to any photo, you can create stunning images and share to your social media in a few taps

Powerful Editing Tools
• Remove: high-precision tools to flawlessly retouch and remove any distraction from your photos
• Lighting tools: take control of Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, and Curves to capture the right light in your photo
• Color tools: adjust Hue, Saturation, Luminance, and Color grading to add style or get a film look
• Details or effects: modify Clarity, Texture, Dehaze, Grain and Vignette to add texture and depth to your images
• Crop and geometry: alter the perspective, resize, rotate and straighten photos
• HDR: edit the full dynamic range of your image for high quality photos

• Style: Presets, Light, Color and Edit tools to create stylistic videos
• Social: Create edit replay for reels you can post to social media

• Get all the controls of a pro camera on your phone
• ISO, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed and more

Additional Features
• Create and save your own filters and presets to apply to all your photos
• Instant access to your photo gallery
• Quick search for pictures
Lightroom photo and video editor gives you pro-quality results with powerful filters, editing and Remove tools that make your pictures stand out.

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