Guess which countries have higher lower population in this country puzzle game


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Aug 21, 2022

Higher or Lower : Population GAME

Develop your IQ and solve the puzzle by keeping the country population in mind in the puzzle of countries.

The countries population puzzle has the most popular up and down style puzzles and mind games. There are 175+ countries in the Country population game. You will learn and train your brain while estimating the population. You will get to know new countries and have an idea about them. If you like number(bigger or smaller) and puzzle games, this game is for you!
As you increase your score level in the achievements section, you will gain new achievements.
Many countries flags were used in the puzzle game, and a large list of questions was created.
You will encounter different country flags each time to make the country game more difficult. By keeping in mind the population of the countries, you can improve your IQ level and increase your general knowledge.
When you have difficulty in the country flag puzzle game, you can make your job easier by taking hints, but it will be very difficult to get to the last level!
- Brain Teaser : Try to get the highest score in the brain test keeping in mind the population of the countries.
- Number Puzzle : Those who like number puzzles can estimate the population of the countries and evaluate their spare time.
- Geography game : Geography enthusiasts will develop their brains and get to know new countries.
- Higher or Lower : the most liked and played puzzle style game (higher lower) , (more or less) (up or down)
- Country Game
- mind games
- Guess game : suitable for those who want to guess and find the result and improve their mind.
- Country population : The biggest puzzle game consisting of 175+ different country population.
- offline trivia game to test your IQ and general knowledge
- Make the highest score and win prizes

People of all ages can play and test themselves and general knowledge with this country size puzzles.

How was the Higher Lower - Country population prepared?
The flags and population information of the countries in the world were prepared with an accurate information method.

- No time limit
- Choose Bigger or Smaller
- Suitable for all ages
- The most popular higher or lower game mode
- Population of Countries
Brain teasers improve memory power and problem solving abilities like an IQ test. You can try this with the size of the countries in mind.

If you don't know answer then don't worry we will help you by help options. So you can keep learning in our trivia game. You can find out the answer by getting a hint.


The favorite style of Higher or Lower games has turned into a great mind game with puzzles and brain testing. Have fun, test your brain and improve your IQ!

Have fun playing more or less country population.
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